A Little Book With A Big Heart

If there is one thing I have learned from Covid-19, it has been the need for clear, honest and authentic verbal communication. This has been, in part, the catalyst for writing my first book ‘Speak Out! How to Make an Emotional Connection in Communication’.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the myriad of ways in which people communicate with each other. While academia was never my strongest point growing up, my thirst for knowledge in this subject reached a peak in 2010. As a mature student, I embarked on an exciting – if daunting – voyage of discovery by undertaking a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management at York St John University. Over a three year period, I became engrossed by leadership styles and, specifically, how different leaders communicate their verbal messages.

Although they are often referred to as soft skills, there is nothing soft about these essential skills. Prior to the current pandemic, all Eaglei’s training delivery was face to face. Since March, we have adapted our approach and now offer the same experience online using a variety of video platforms, with clients recognising the requirement to embrace technology and use virtual platforms more effectively. In this new normal, people realise they have to up their game.

Central to our approach to training and development is to empower individuals to communicate and present the best version of themselves. By delivering practical, interactive training, we work in depth with clients to explore their authenticity and how to make an emotional connection with an audience; something we refer to as the Human Element. Inspiring our clients – leader, manager, apprentice or student – to make a lasting difference in their job or career is key to our innovative approach.

I believe that all too often we make a clear distinction between the personality we show at home and work. The key question is why? After all it is you, the same person: different skills and emotions are used and displayed in both environments, but it is still you. Of course, the words we speak are important. But, in essence, it is not so much what you say as how you say it and how this is received. Personal presence is the experience that people have of you and the message they will take away. More often than not, I believe that it is fear or extreme nerves that prevents us from showing who you are: fear of saying the wrong thing, something stupid or just not being listened to or taken seriously.

It is this requirement for genuine, verbal communication that I explore in my new book. It is essentially about my approach and methodology to what I do for a living.

For more information and to purchase Speak Out! visit https://www.eaglei.uk.com/shop/ A percentage of book sales will be given to The Prince’s Trust, the leading youth charity in the UK – www.princes-trust.org.uk