We all have them. Big and small, important or not so, but all of us make them everyday.

We were faced with making a big choice recently. A year ago we made a lifestyle decision to move home from Scarborough to Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales. I’m sure that our closest friends must have wondered whether we would actually do it as we had been talking about such a move for years. Well, we finally did!

We had a wonderful ‘gap year’ and absolutely loved living there. We were made to feel very welcome and both socially and work-wise things were really positive.

However during the year two major factors became apparent, that together, made life in Grassington unsustainable for us at the present time. The health of our respective single parents, coupled with the fact that we could not afford to buy a property there that suited our needs, required us to re-think our move. So, after many lengthy discussions, we made the tough choice to move back to the Coast to support our parents at this tricky time.

We have been fortunate to find and buy a lovely Edwardian house close to the sea. Eaglei can operate from anywhere and will continue to work with our clients mainly across Yorkshire.

While I don’t advocate moving home twice in a year, I am so proud that we have done it! Were we brave? I don’t think so. People are faced with more important choices. But it does take courage to trust your instinct and take calculated risks; these are important life choices that we can all make and ones that those in business make everyday.

So a return to the Yorkshire Coast it is for now. It is still a lovely place to live and work, except for those damned seagulls..