Happy Anniversary Eaglei!

The start of 2019 marks the fifth anniversary of my business Eaglei. A colleague, remarking on this fact on LinkedIn, said ‘Great milestone!’ This got me thinking; hey it is! So I thought I’d write about how I am feeling on this auspicious occasion.

The first thing to say is acknowledge to myself that this is indeed a significant achievement. With so many start-up businesses still not making it past the first year of trading, we have managed to buck this trend.

The core business is still the same five years on. We run soft skills training and development workshops and I deliver inspirational talks and MC events. We are fortunate that the majority of our work still comes from word-of-mouth referral and recommendation.

What have I learned? Not to say yes to everything that comes my way. Indeed, I have had to turn down work on several occasions. I made the conscious decision when starting Eaglei not be a ‘jack of all trades’. I believe that to be seen as a Communications specialist in this way is to be applauded. This fact was endorsed recently by a prospective client after I rejected a potentially large and lucrative contract, because I was only able to meet a small part of what they required.

I have worked tirelessly to secure repeat customers. This does not happen overnight; these clients have required careful nurturing and must always feel that their needs are catered for.

Challenges? These have been numerous. Firstly, my previous point regarding looking after clients is paramount as I cannot afford to allow any of these ’spinning plates’ to drop. Secondly, while doing this, it is always a challenge to prioritise future marketing and promotion of the business. It’s easy to think I’ve got a really busy first quarter while, at the same time, knowing that there are gaps to fill in the second quarter!

This year? More of the same would suit me fine! I am not driven by increasing turnover or profit. I have written about this before – https://www.eaglei.uk.com/enjoying-the-moment/. What motivates me is making a difference to all those with whom I work; helping my clients maximise their potential, audiences to feel inspired by one of my talks or entertained when hosting an event.

I do want to thank all my clients and colleagues for soaring high with Eaglei thusfar. However, I cannot finish without two very special mentions. Firstly, to my wife Jaye. Thank you for believing in me; giving me the endless support, time and space to do what fulfils me most. Secondly, to my collaborator Allison Saxton; a fine actor and voice and body language coach. Allison’s unique approach is both stimulating and refreshing; her contribution is greatly appreciated by me and everyone that benefits from working with her.

Finally, if you would like to know more about how Eaglei can assist you, please visit our website www.eaglei.uk.com or contact me directly duncan@eaglei.uk.com.

Have a healthy, fulfilling and successful year ahead!