Love Is In The Air?

This year, I have already had a couple of unusual enquiries for my coaching support. In both cases, I have gone on to deliver a bespoke Public Speaking workshop.

The initial conversation went something like this:

Client: Can you help me? I have an important speech to make.

Me: Possibly. What is it you have to talk about?

Client: It’s personal.

Me: Ok. Can you give me an indication of what is involved?

Client: It’s a big speech to about 200 guests and I’m terrified. Can you help?

Me: What is the occasion?

Client: Well..I’m Best Man at my friend’s wedding. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m so nervous!

Me: Yes, I can definitely support you with this.

The second enquiry was along similar lines, but from the Father-of-the Bride. This got me thinking; why should you assume that this is an easy task? I would say the opposite; it is a one-off opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression and this takes both skill and confidence. There are several factors to consider: you don’t want to mess up, there’s no dress rehearsal, it needs to be interesting and entertaining and lastly, people need to hear you at the back!

Speaking in public is not straightforward and doesn’t come naturally to many people. If this is the one and only time you will be doing it, it’s worth being the best you can be. You can learn to become more comfortable doing this and regard it as an exciting opportunity as opposed to something to dread.

If you have the unique opportunity to make a speech at a wedding and are fearful, rather than excited, remember you don’t have to feel this way. Please call me, Eaglei is here to help!