Are You Too Young?

I am currently working with a 17 year young student who is studying for her A-Level exams at a local FE College. She also wanted to develop her hobby for photography into a business; I have had the pleasure of assisting her to do just this!

In more than 10 years of advising people about the highs (and some lows!) of self-employment, she is the youngest person I have supported. All of which begs the question, can you be too young to start a business?

I don’t believe so. Of course, all over the world young people (many younger than this) have started some form of commercial venture. We all know that the backbone of the UK economy is represented by often small private sector businesses. With approximately 65% of these operating as sole traders and partnerships, many are run by young business-minded individuals.

I have long thought that young people in general get a rough ride and often receive unwarranted negative media attention (I hate the acronym NEET!). On the contrary, I believe that with the right blend of skills, energy, enthusiasm and commitment coupled with the right level of ‘hand-holding’, young people can achieve remarkable things. My young client is testament to this.

Too young? Not at all!