The Biggest Challenge

Happy New Year! I hope that this year is healthy, fulfilling and successful for you.

Eaglei has just celebrated it’s first anniversary and what a year it was! The business has managed to build robust relationships with several clients and secured repeat business from some of these. This is down to the quality of our provision of course, while also ensuring that the client retains their confidence in our offer so that they feel secure, looked after, cared for.

From a business perspective, I have long recognised the importance of having more than one income stream. Not to put all your ‘Eagles in one nest’ is a salutary business principle to adopt and Eaglei has worked tirelessly to avoid finding itself in this potentially perilous position.

So what has been the biggest challenge to date? I would say this has been making the time to seek out new prospective clients. Because Eaglei is essentially a one-person business (although I do have several Associates who assist as and when they are required), finding the time to research and make contact with new prospects has been tricky. I am fortunate that most Eaglei business to date, has come from an extensive network of existing contacts. However this year, I intend to seek and grasp those opportunities to extend my client base.

Until next time..onwards and upwards!

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