Be Authentic

I have noticed a lot of comments recently, particularly on social media, about authenticity. There has been much soul searching, discussion and differing views expressed about this one word. Indeed, some have questioned whether ‘authentic’ is even a valid word to use. So, should authenticity be a given?

I am intrigued by the word. In the training Eaglei deliver, we talk about what it means to be authentic in terms of spoken communication. For you to make an emotional connection with anyone, I believe that:

To be authentic is to be vulnerable.
To be vulnerable is to be authentic.

Vulnerability goes to the very core or heart of your being – it is who we are as humans and to demonstrate this, requires courage. Brené Brown, American professor and author, describes vulnerability as ‘our greatest measure of courage.’

In my debut book Speak Out!*, I advocate the premise not to make a distinction between the person you display at home and at work. There is no best way and no magic formula for how to do this. To make an emotional connection with someone, you will make mistakes.

We all learn from the past and can plan for the future. But we must live now, in the present. So, I urge and encourage you to try and reveal all of yourself and refrain from playing it safe in whatever you do. Learn to accept your mistakes and try taking calculated risks. Show up, display your passion and be genuine or should I say authentic.

Perfection does not exist, in any form, so ditch it or in this quotation attributed to Voltaire, ‘Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.’

I began my career in professional theatre and this quotation by Laurence Olivier has always resonated with me, ‘Amaze yourself with your own daring!’

*You can discover more about how to make an emotional connection in communication at I am donating £2.00 from every sale to The Prince’s Trust, the leading youth charity in the UK.