Work-Life Balance

I hear many people talk about this conundrum. In other words, do you live to work or work to live and does this have to be a choice?

I must admit I have always wrestled with this question as there are so many different factors to consider. Depending on the individual, some people work standard hours while others work much longer hours and are only able to allocate a little time for their personal life. This could be through choice or necessity. Then there are those that can now work in a hybrid way, including myself, and this can offer more of a balanced approach.

Personally, I prefer the term work-life integration. I do spend long hours working, but also prioritise those things I like to do outside of work ie walking, sea swimming, yoga etc. Making the choice between living to work or working to live can add unnecessary pressure by trying to make a clear distinction between the two and this can be hard to do.

My modus operandi for living is to try and be ever present. By this I mean that I prioritise and focus on whatever I am doing at a particular time. When I am working this is my priority and I give it 100%. Conversely when I am not working, this becomes my priority. A straightforward example of work-life integration in action is when I go for a walk at any time during my working day; this gives me balance and serves to satisfy both parts of the question.

What is your take on this vexed issue?