Crisis? What Crisis?

There’s something ominous happening in Schools and Colleges across the UK at this time of year. That something is known by all young people as Exam Nerves.

Despite writing a blog article about the subject last year – and others now raising awareness of this debilitating condition – Exam stress ‘among teen suicide causes’, nothing practical seems to be available to support these vulnerable people.

The current epidemic is sweeping the country and takes no prisoners. According to ChildLine, a rising number of young people are seeking professional help because of worries over their exams. The children’s charity says it conducted 3,077 counselling sessions about exam stress in the last year, up 9% on 2014/15.

It really doesn’t have to be this way; nerves/fear can be controlled. Eaglei has developed a practical and interactive workshop that is aimed at students – of any age – for whom nerves and stress can get the better of them ahead of, during the examination period and finally waiting for results.

Directly addressing this issue, Eaglei has delivered this session in a number of educational establishments across Yorkshire and Humber, with some impressive results. I believe that every school and college would welcome this support. There will be teachers, governors and parents reading this for which this subject may well resonate.

Eaglei’s motivational workshop prepares students mentally and physically for examinations, helps them organise themselves and prioritise and manage their workload. It then focuses on developing a positive frame of mind to improve exam grades and chances of success in their career.