Quality of Life – What Does It Mean?

With a house move from Scarborough to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales imminent, a brief respite from packing boxes has given me food for thought about the exciting opportunities this now affords my wife and I.

Of course, people make far bigger moves. We are relocating some 80 miles and two hours drive away and still in the same county! But 30 years is a long time to live anywhere. With our son settled in York, the time has come for us to think about what we want to do on the next stage of our journey together.

Personally, I welcome change. Looking back (something I rarely do), I recognised that I was beginning to feel bored with aspects of my lifestyle and started to resent this. I know myself well and while I love order, I hate routine and had started to feel that parts of my life were stuck in a groove.

Sure I will miss the sea, coastline and regular visits to @thesjt. We know the area we are moving to fairly well, having been walking there for many years. For Eaglei the move will open up new opportunities and markets on the other side of North Yorkshire, as well as West Yorkshire, while still looking after regular clients in Scarborough and York.

The move has certainly got its share of calculated risk attached. So what’s it really all about? On the positive side, it’s about new beginnings; doing different things, having new experiences and meeting new people. If it’s new and fresh for me, so will it be for my clients. I want to and will continue to grow Eaglei, but it’s time for a change.

My definition of success has always been freedom of choice; to do what I want, when I choose to do it. My main goal for Eaglei was always to build up the business so that when I reach the ripe age of 60 years, I may have the choice about how much/little to work. While I have a few years yet to this milestone, I want to try my best to enjoy the journey.

PS Friends remind us that we have been planning this move for more years than I dare admit to. To them I say – better late than never!