Finding a Sense of Direction

Earlier this year, I had to adapt both my business model and approach to it. Back in March, before the lockdown that has affected so many of us as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, I made a big decision. The result of this would affect my business in the short and medium term.

In conjunction with my clients, I decided to postpone all our face to face group training and development workshops until September at the earliest. I wanted to continue to offer some form of coaching but knew, if we were going to survive, I would have to adapt our offer.

In its place, I have been offering individual and group coaching sessions online using a variety of video platforms. Some coaching has been personal and some business related. However, the most common issue to both of these is supporting clients to find a sense of direction and purpose in the challenging times we are all enduring.

People have needed to talk, to share and are looking for a new and different way forward and I have been very happy to listen. While I maintain that virtual coaching in this way lacks the impact of face to face delivery, it continues to provide a really useful service at the current time.

Working online is not without its’ challenges, not least technically, and is very tiring for both parties. However, my clients have been very appreciative that this personal service has afforded them an opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts, feelings and best practice.

Remaining flexible, adaptive and proactive are keys components for the survival of running any business and never have they been more relevant than right now. I hope that we can return to more face to face delivery sooner rather than later but, for the time being, I am embracing this new ‘normal’.