It’s You I’m Thinking About..

Not me.

Yesterday we went for our routine, daily exercise. This, significantly, marked four weeks of lockdown during the current health pandemic we are all living through.

I’ve been doing lots of thinking during this period; the current situation and its impact on me personally. I concluded that my life right now is not so bad. So far, daily life has just been restricted and frankly, COVID-19 amounts to little more than an inconvenience. Why does it feel wrong to say this publicly?

Of course everyone’s situation is very different; the way you manage this is individual and very personal. But I have so much to be grateful for. I appreciate living by the sea. I love my work and making a difference to people’s lives. Currently, I have the luxury of time to write, read, exercise and even bake!

However, I do think a lot about other people that directly impact my life. In particular, I have become so much more aware of our heroic key workers. While I never took them for granted, they were always people I recognised as doing important jobs but who did not affect me until I needed them. Now they have direct relevance and significance and I need them like never before.

These people who continue to serve you and me relentlessly, every single day, are remarkable individuals. They would say they are ‘just doing their job’. However, to place themselves in such a selfless and vulnerable position for ‘just doing their job’ is nothing short of heroic in my eyes.

A lot of the focus and attention is on our much admired NHS and rightly so. Personally though, with Mum living in a local Care Home and our son a serving Police Officer, my thoughts are as much with all the incredible front line, key personnel working so tirelessly in the emergency and other essential services.

I have nothing to moan or complain about. So while I am trying to embrace this new way of living, I continue to think about all the key workers doing what they do. I promise never to forget you at this time and remember the outstanding work you do, even when we come out of this crisis and COVID-19 is eventually consigned to history books or a search on Google.