Interviews Are One Thing..

But how do you keep a job once you have one?

You’ve prepared well, done a cracking interview and now been offered that elusive job – congratulations! But how do you avoid losing all this before you’ve got your company login or found out where to put your coffee mug?

Displaying the wrong behaviour in the workplace could land you in a lot of trouble. Recently, Eaglei has been working with Apprentices in different industries. The focus of our training was around communication: verbal and non-verbal. Typically, this might include saying the wrong thing or displaying apathetic or negative body language in the workplace.

Moreover, a lack of engagement is in danger of becoming an epidemic amongst young people in general. We all know that the inexorable rise of mobile devices has not helped. It is all too easy for young people in particular to ask Google for an answer, rather than directing their question to a person.

Further, it seems preferable to actively avoid talking to someone by interacting in a virtual way via social media. However, the emphasis that employers place on key personal attributes such as attitude, aptitude, energy, passion and enthusiasm cannot be overstated and are given more precedence than skills alone.

The above qualities cannot be taught; you have them or you don’t! So what to do? Well, for starters, you can help yourself by trying to engage with others using increased eye contact and to display more open body language. Next up, try asking more questions. Based on the response you get, try engaging further by asking supplementary questions. This level of interaction will translate itself as interest and enthusiasm on your part.

If you have Apprentices in your organisation that require support involving these essential personal development skills, please contact me at