It’s Awards Season!

This time of year seems to be a popular period for Business Awards. Part of my job involves hosting and MC’ing these events. But this year, I am perplexed whether to enter Eaglei in a local celebration of business success. This is something that genuinely concerns me right now and I’ll try to explain why.

I started Eaglei almost six years ago. In this time, the business has now an established reputation as a leading provider of personal development coaching with numerous testimonials to support this. As I have said, in addition, I also present as well as speak at different events.

Working as we do in academia and business, everything that we deliver is bespoke. Over 90% of our work comes from recommendation or referral and we are inordinately proud that currently over 70% is repeat business from our clients. To make a real difference by establishing meaningful, sustainable and impactful relationships – built on trust and respect – are paramount for me. If financial reward emanates from this then it is welcome, but it is certainly not the most driving and motivating factor.

Because Eaglei is not focussed on financial growth, but rather innovative business practices and making a lasting difference to our diverse clients, my dilemma is why do I still feel guilty for saying that my business is not driven by this?

I do know that I have reached a stage in my life (and career) where I feel comfortable not striving to run faster, jump higher or increase turnover and profit year on year. There are most definitely things I still want to achieve and this certainly does not mean that I am any less committed to what I do. But how will my application be regarded if I ‘throw my hat in the ring’ and stand on my longstanding principle of advocating respect for enduring relationships over profit?

Should I enter or not; I’m really not sure? I’d welcome your thoughts.