I’ve Got The Solution…!

…So what’s the problem?

I’ve written in previous blogs that businesses should be supplying a product or service to satisfy a customer’s specific (or perceived) need or want. Also, how they should ascertain whether there really is a so called ‘gap in the market’.

But there is another vexing question that start-up, young and established businesses should consider. Business products and services are all about providing a solution to a particular problem, in order to satisfy and delight your customer. But was there ever a problem in the first place? In other words, have you come up with a solution to a problem that does not exist!

Increasingly, what one person believes (sometimes passionately) is a solution to a problem is often best considered by turning this round and examining whether a problem exists at all. Once again, this is where research, research, research comes in to understand whether or not there is firstly, a genuine problem (for which your product/service is the solution) and then whether there is likely to be a perceived or actual requirement for this.

PS And don’t forget, when you conduct your research, remember to ask more than just your family and friends what they think!

Wishing you a very happy festive season and a peaceful and successful 2015. More missives next year!