Mind Over Matter

The stunning success of Sergio Garcia’s victory at golf’s US Masters on Sunday proved many things. Firstly, it dispelled the belief in 2012 that he was “not good enough” to win a major but secondly, that a more positive attitude drove him to a dramatic play-off win; “I’ve been thinking a little bit different, a little bit more positive, and kind of accepting that if, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen, my life is still going to go on”.

Sergio’s famous victory aside, the sporting world is awash with similar stories and large numbers of sports psychologists and coaches to underline this. The business world is no different. I work with many people, from different walks of life, with one denominator in common. They turn to me to help them to communicate their message in the most effective way and overcome whatever personal demons they have or face that may prevent them from doing this. The mechanics of helping them achieve this are quite straightforward; the psychology of doing so takes a little longer.

I work on developing a variety of skills including: making an emotional connection, choosing and maintaining a positive attitude, using positive self-talking, managing emotions and mental imagery (visualisation). Many of these techniques have been used successfully for years in the sporting world – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/active/10568898/Sports-visualisation-how-to-imagine-your-way-to-success.html

These same techniques are applied in business. Whatever is holding you back from realising the potential you have to communicate your message in the most effective way, just take a deep breath and pause a moment. Whether it is something you have experienced in the past, a comment made to you recently or a fear of something in the future, you have the mental power to turn this round to your advantage.

But how mentally tough are you? If you would like an unshakeable belief in you and your ability to bounce back from life’s defeats or setbacks, then I would like to hear from you. Starting from the premise that ‘I mind and I matter to me’, if you need help, support or training to improve how to express yourself or communicate your message please contact Duncan at Eaglei.