Pitching for Business

I admit it: I still watch Dragon’s Den.

I used to watch this programme religiously, but do so now only occasionally. I have trimmed down my viewing habit because I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated. I don’t know whether it is the often vastly over-priced valuation that most people tend to place on their business proposition, the failure to view their venture from their potential investor’s perspective or the fact that too many people are simply poorly prepared. It’s probably a combination of all three!

In recent months, Eaglei has been asked to give some training and support to teams, mainly from the corporate sector, on how to improve their presentation skills when pitching to win business and/or investment.

Our approach is to focus less on the content, but more on how the pitch (read message) is communicated. We train from one person up to an optimum number of six. We use a voice and body language coach and video playback, to examine how effective the people pitching are at presenting. Through giving constructive feedback and analysis, we then to help them to communicate their message in the most effective way in order to be more successful.

We encourage delegates to realise their potential by making an emotional connection in communication (the ‘human element’) with their audience, as opposed to communicating in a formulaic manner.

We have also been asked to put together some practical advice, top tips, on how to pitch more effectively. A copy will be available to download here shortly – http://www.eaglei.uk.com/services/training-and-development/. In the interim, feel free to email for a complimentary copy now – info@eaglei.uk.com