The Class of Covid

I recently completed a long-distance walking challenge and raised funds for The Prince’s Trust.

Amid the political chaos we are all enduring right now something else, just as worrying, is happening in our society. More than a third of young people feel their life is spiralling out of control, according to findings released to The Guardian ahead of a nationwide campaign that highlights Covid’s impact on the younger generation.

The Trust’s Class of Covid research also found that more than 60% of 16-25-year-olds said they were scared about their generation’s future, having lived through a pandemic only to face a cost-of-living crisis. One in three think their job prospects will never recover from the pandemic.

The research, which surveyed more than 2,000 young people across the UK, is part of a campaign the charity is launching this week to raise awareness of the longer-term impact of the pandemic on the younger generation.

I have been a Mentor and Trainer for young people supported by the Trust for almost 19 years. As a Mentor I provide holistic advice, guidance and support to young people intent on starting and growing their business. As a Trainer, I deliver Public Speaking skills to Young Ambassadors intent on sharing their life’s journey. I do this because I am passionate about, and committed to, helping young people to develop and succeed.

Read this – If you do nothing else, please consider giving your support – no matter how small – to the UK’s leading youth charity.

They, and all young people, need our support right now.