The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Give?

With Summer fast approaching, I have already been booked to support several people to deliver what might just be the most important speech of their life – for their wedding.

I first wrote a blog about this two years ago, but it seems that people are recognising the importance and value of getting this right first time and hiring some external guidance. Why do we plan so far ahead the venue, photographer, music, catering, outfits and flowers, but tend to leave the all-important speeches as an afterthought?

This singular opportunity to make a decisive and lasting impact requires both skill and confidence. With several factors to consider: controlling your nerves, no technical rehearsal ie using the microphone correctly and wanting to be interesting and entertaining, then really you only have one chance to make a positive impression.

Speaking in public is not straightforward and doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If this is the one and only time you do it, it’s worth being the best you can. You can learn to become more comfortable doing this and treat it as an exciting opportunity as opposed to something to dread.

If you have the wonderful opportunity to make a speech at a wedding and are fearful, rather than excited, remember you don’t have to feel this way and there is support available. So, whether you are the Groom, Father of-the-Bride or Best Man and would welcome some impartial input on structuring and delivering your memorable (for all the right reasons!) speech, then Eaglei is here to help.